Forskolin: Drop Weight From Your Belly!

Dr oz belly fat dietLosing belly fat is what everyone with a big gut wants. Going to the gym and dieting sometimes doesn’t bring you the results that you long for. For this reason, Dr. Oz a renown tv host and health expert on weight issues and also known for providing advancements in losing weight and he has just done just that by this new product, forskolin. He describes forskolin as a weight loss lightning.

Although this product has just entered the market, it has already grown in popularity for producing impressive results and the fact that it provides weight loss without relying on exercise and diet. It comes from the mint family and contains an essential active ingredient which is derived from its roots called Coleus Forskohli. It promotes weight loss by:

1. Increasing and promoting the production of sensitive hormone , Lipase. It is a fat burning hormone that regulates how our body burn fat when relaxing or when doing exercise. The increase in production of this hormone enables the body to burn fats faster.

2. It accelarates the production of cyclic Adenosine Manosphere (cAMP). Forskolin contains this molecule cAMP which stimulates and initiates the release of calorie burning thyroid hormone. As a result more weight is lost without exercising because your metabolism is increased.


1. Breaks down fat tissues. Forskolin prompts thge release of fats from fat cells as a result of increased testosterone. This, in turn, promotes weight loss and healthy living. It also prevents wait for gain.

2. Increased body mass. Imagine losing fats without losing your body mass. That is what forskolin does.

3. Use of forskolin increases the energy levels in the body, enabling you to adapt to a workout regimen, breaking the monotony of low energy levels.

Since this product came to the market, it has helped more and more people to lose weight wiyhout the need of exercise and diet.